Sherrilynn Edwards

Head shot of Sherry Edwards

I am thrilled to be at Silver Lake Elementary.  I fell  in love with the kids and teachers while I was substituting,, then  I became a Kindergarten teacher here lin 2017.  And I loved it even more!

Baylor University was the place where I received my Bachelor's Degree in Education, focusing on Elementary, Kindergarten and a minor in Music. In 2012, I completed my Master's Degree with a focus on Reading. Then I became a  Reading Interventionist in the Waco area. In 30-plus years of teaching; I have taught every grade from PK through 6th (except 3rd grade), but the majority of my years have been spent in Kindergarten or First. I am passionate about teaching children to read and to enjoy the magic of books.

I am married to a Baylor graduate and we have two daughters, both of whom graduated from Baylor but then one went to graduate school at the University of Kansas and the other went to law school at the College of William & Mary.

My husband and I both love music and singing and we love to travel. Spending time with family is important to us, and we are very big college sports fans.

Kindergarten is such a special time of learning and growing. I am looking forward to working with your child and getting to know you, the parents. You were the first teacher your child ever had, and I appreciate your support as we continue the learning process. Feel free to write a note or leave a message for me anytime you have questions.