*Kindergarten students will have a weekly homework folder which will come home on Mondays. The assignments are to be completed throughout the week and returned to school on Monday. Please help your child complete the work. It is important to have a regular routine for completing homework throughout the week.

*The I Can Read notebook will be sent home each Thursday and should be returned by Monday. Your child should “read” the poem we have practiced in class during the week, plus the poems from the previous weeks. Remember to pay extra attention to our high frequency words of the week.

*Your child will also receive a Reading Folder starting the 2nd nine weeks, with books appropriate for his/her reading level. The books will NOT have been read in class. Please follow the instructions in the folder about how to support your child when reading the book. When the Reading Folder is in your child’s backpack, please listen to your child read the books throughout the week (the more times the better) and return the folder to school by Monday. K-2 students will have a 100 book challenge this year. The books your child reads from school will count for the 100 book challenge. There will be a log to record the books in your child's folder. Other books your child reads at home may be recorded here as well. All students who complete the challenge will be invited to a celebration at the end of the year.

Thank you for your help in starting good homework habits at an early age!