We're thrilled to experience a stellar year with our Shooting Stars!!

Shannon Cole - Principal  Caitlin Elam -Assistant Principal
Robert Rain - Learning Liaison Francisco Cepeda - Counselor

Office Staff Photo
Front row: Tori Howell, Lisa Cunningham
Middle row: Caitlin Elam, Shannon Cole, Robert Rain
Back row: Rusty Ivey, Ofelia Armstrong, Margaret Malzer, Patti Watson, Francisco Cepeda


Margaret Malzer- Administrative Assistant-margaret.malzer@gcisd.net

Patti Watson - Data Secretary - patti.watson@gcisd.net

Ofelia Armstrong - Bilingual Parent Liaison - ofelia.armstrong@gcisd.net

Lisa Cunningham - Nurse - lisa.cunningham@gcisd.net

Tori Howell - Office Assistant

Rusty Ivey - Campus Technician

1301 N. Dooley, Grapevine, TX 76051