Danielle Clark


        Hi there! My name is Danielle Clark  and I am ecstatic to be a Silver Lake Shooting Star! I recently got married to my husband, Riley Clark in July 2020 and we just welcomed our little girl Charlotte this May. After earning my degree in Elementary Education from LSU in 2013, I taught first grade for a couple years in my hometown, Slidell, Louisiana. Then adventure was calling my name! I took the opportunity to move to southern California where I taught kindergarten and first grade in San Diego. I have lived in Grapevine for the past five years and have experience teaching first grade monolingual and dual language and kindergarten monolingual. Silver Lake has become a second home to me!

         I'll never forget the impact my elementary teachers had on my life! I strive to bring joy to each child and give them a love for learning! I hope to be the teacher they remember years from now that inspired them to go after their dreams!